Network With the “Who’s Who” of Hatch-Waxman Litigators and Stakeholders. Prepare for the Next Wave of ANDA Litigation and Patent Challenges at the Courts and PTO. Attend the Industry’s Premier Paragraph IV Disputes Conference.

In the eight years since its inception, American Conference Institute’s (ACI’s) Paragraph IV Disputes conference has become the pharmaceutical industry’s leading forum on Hatch-Waxman litigation. Each spring, the “who’s who” of Hatch-Waxman litigators and industry decision makers, as well as members of the judiciary and key government representatives gather in New York City at this forum to assess the implications and imprimaturs of court cases, legislation, and industry behaviors which affect the patent end game and the pursuit of related profits. This “must-attend” event serves the legal and business needs of both branded and generic drug makers by providing invaluable “take aways” for legal strategies and cost-analysis for every facet of this complex litigation from pre-suit considerations to case filings through final adjudication.

In this 30th anniversary year of the Hatch-Waxman Act, the time for this conference has never been more apropos. In the course of the next eighteen months, the industry will scale the next escarpments of the proverbial patent cliff which will bring an additional 90 billion dollars in patent losses when block buster drugs such as Nexium, Lunesta, Abilify, Crestor and Restasis all go off patent. This will result in increased ANDA litigation between brands and generics, as well as increased challenges among generics vying to be the first to obtain the highly coveted prize of 180-day exclusivity. However, there will also be new challenges to face. Brands and generics must assess of the impact and utilization of PTO proceedings which have provided alternative and parallel forums to the Federal Courts. Then, there is uncertainty of the fall out from the Supreme Court’s decision in Actavis, which may add to the already astronomical cost of these litigations as settlements may be both legally and economically infeasible.

In response to these challenges, ACI is pleased to present this year’s Paragraph IV Disputes conference. We welcome you to join our exceptional faculty and your peers as we explore not only the latest legal nuances affecting the essentials of Hatch-Waxman litigation, but also new dilemmas affecting patent sustainability and vulnerability, the impact of PGR and IPR, the Goodlatte Bill’s proposed statutory definition of double-patenting type obviousness, and the probable outcome of Lighting Ballast on claim construction controversies. This year’s event will feature a discussion of local patent rules with both local counsel and leading Magistrates. Also, back by popular demand are the Judges’ Roundtable and FTC keynote speaker. Finally, in response, to your requests, we are offering a day long working group on patent settlements which shall not only address not predictions for how the courts may interpret Actavis, but also provide practical advice on how to structure and draft a settlement agreement with which the parties can live and the courts and FTC will bless.

Clearly, there is not a moment to lose in this ruthless endgame of no-holds bar litigation. Do not be left behind. Register today by calling 1-888-224-2480, faxing your registration form to 1-877-927-1563 or here.

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